Concrete Rehabilitation

One of the many specialized services RSC offers, Concrete Rehabilitation, is an expertise our teams are well trained in. Product knowledge is regarded as most important when it comes to our services that require much skill and know-how. Our work force are trained and equipped to handle any given project with 100% confidence.

When approaching the problem of a deteriorating reinforced concrete structure, it is necessary to visually observe and make measurements of the corrosion activity, concrete and steel materials, any associated construction materials, in addition to the state of corrosion which the structure has already suffered. After such observations and measurements, an assessment of recommended rehabilitation techniques as well as the best route of execution can be made. From this point measures and materials are considered which will help to mitigate further corrosion deterioration of the structure for its expected life using cathodic protection and/or coatings.

Producing sound workmanship is vital and we strive to continually train and educate our teams across Africa.

Thus ensuring the best possible results are achieved.

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